a/c receiver drier/accumulator/filter drier-COOLKINGRecently some of our customers have asked us about (1) What kind of desiccant is compatible with the new refrigerant HFO-1234yf . (1) What kind of desiccant we use to manufacture our receiver driers, accumulators, and desiccant bags.

Our answers are that (1) According to Honeywell UOP's technical release, both XH-7 and XH-12 are compatble with HFO-1234yf. (2) From 2017 on we have been using UOP XH-7 to produce our products.

The binders used to manufacture desiccant must be compatible with HFO-1234yf, or the refrigerant would dissolve the binders. If so, it must cause big problems in a/c systems.