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(1) COOLKING Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1995. In order to produce consistent high quality a/c receiver drier (aluminium), a full line of CNC Machineries were purchased in 1997 and semi-automatic production started.

(2) In 2000, another line of automatic machineries were purchased to produce a/c accumulator (aluminium) to meet growing customer demands.

(3) In 2002 a/c receiver drier (steel) and filter drier lines were added to our wide array of product lines to provide one stop shopping for our customers. To manufacture quality a/c receiver driers, a/c accumulators, and refrigerant filter driers, we insist that the goods our customers get from us should be made in Taiwan. There are some competitors have imported receiver driers, accumulators, and filter driers from China to cut down costs. To guarantee that our customers would get our goods being completely made in Taiwan we won't do so.

(4) As our manufacturing process has matured and stabilized, our results has been fruitful. We purchased CNC and automatic tube bending machineries to expand the existing product line and provide high quality and cost effective solution for our customers.

(5) To meet our customers' requirements, we have a plan to manufacture different sizes of oil separators, accumulators, and filter driers for refrigeration systems. We hope they can be added to product lines in the near future.